East Village

The East Village is a residential neighborhood well-known for it diverse community, exciting nightlife and hip art scene. It is a trendy area with the highest concentration of bars in the city. It is the place to find a cocktail and live music performances. But there's more than bars: tons of restaurants, an interesting mix of buildings, plenty of local shops, and a creative artistic ambience.

  • Diverse community
  • Tons of ethnic eateries
  • Alphabet City and Loisaida
  • Nightlife and hip art scene
  • Gentrified neighborhoods
  • St. Marks and the Bowery

What was once a seedy part of Manhattan has been gentrified. Some people welcome this because of the increased safety; others bemoan the loss of the area's former identity as home of the punk scene. Here you'll see old traditional dwellings being upgraded next to modern high-rises. What was once the affordable bohemian part of the city has become expensive.

Who can afford this? High-income singles in their 20s with advanced degrees. Yet you'll notice a wonderfully diverse population: students, artists and longtime residents mix with the young professionals. Another factor in the mix is thanks to nearby NYU which provides some ethnic diversity: Asians top the list followed by Caucasians, Hispanics and Blacks.

"East Village is made up of several small colorful and unique communities"

The East Village is made up of several small colorful and unique communities. Alphabet City makes up two-thirds of East Village and gets its name from Avenues A, B, C and D. Loisaida is a Latino area that gets its name from the Latino pronunciation of "Lower East Side." St. Mark's Place is named after St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, and is famous for its many bars, restaurants, and local shops. The Bowery is an area where you'll see new luxury condominiums and feel its artsy character.

Because of its ethnic diversity, there are plenty of choices when it's time to eat. There are good values to be found at some of the hundreds of restaurants in the East Village. What are you in mood for? Asian? Middle Eastern? European? How about Ukranian cuisine? Talk about diversity!

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