Midtown East

Midtown East, also known as Midtown Manhattan, is one of the world's leading financial centers and the core retail and commercial district of the city. This area is home to some of the most famous buildings in New York as well as the headquarters for the United Nations. In addition to the skyscrapers, you will see some of Manhattan's nicest brownstones. Real estate here is quite expensive, as well as the restaurants, bars and other facilities.

  • Rockefeller Center
  • UN Headquarters
  • Grand Central Station
  • Chrysler Building

During the business day, the population of Midtown East is roughly 200,000. This shrinks to about 40,000 people at night. Local residents are generally single white collar professionals in their 20s and 30s and they usually have advanced degrees. These are high-income workers who rent an apartment or condo and enjoy living in a trendy upscale part of the city.

For those who live in Midtown East, or those who come to visit, there are plenty of fascinating landmark buildings to enjoy. Near the top of the list is the stunning Chrysler Building, demonstrating to the world just how beautiful Art Deco architecture can be. There's also the fabulous Rockefeller Center and the famous Radio City Music Hall.

"During a business day the population is roughly 200.000, at night this shrinks to 40.000"

Here you get to see one of America's most spectacular train stations, Grand Central Station. Other iconic buildings include the 1903 Beaux-Arts Dylan Hotel, the Art Deco Roosevelt Hotel, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and, of course, the most iconic of them all: the Empire State Building. You'll also find the New York Public Library, as well as many consulates, public schools, and plenty of other facilities, including some of the best shopping in the world.

There are several interesting and historic neighborhoods tucked away in Midtown East Manhattan. Turtle Bay and Tudor City are two such long-established neighborhoods. Turtle Bay Gardens, the district's only historic area, is made up of two rows of Italianate brownstones lined up back to back. These 20 homes date from 1860.

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