Theater District

The Theater District is one of the most popular areas in New York City. This is where you'll find over 40 Broadway theaters and this is why the Theatre District is known all over the world. There are also other theaters, recording studios, theatrical agencies, record label offices, hotels, and restaurants. This is also the home of Times Squares, one of the most visited tourist attraction in the world.

  • Times Square
  • 50 super neon signs
  • Over 40 Broadway theaters
  • Landmarks like Carnegie Hall

Times Square got its name because at one time it was the home of the New York Times. Today more than 39 million visitors come to see the neon and bustle of Times Square. About 300,000 people visit it every day and gaze up at the 50 super signs that advertise clothing, food, banks and many other products and services! For years it was just a large traffic intersection, but now it is being changed into a pedestrian-friendly square.

Times Square is extremely important to New York's economy. It makes up only 0.1% of the city's land area, yet 10% of the city's jobs are found here, and it generates 11% of New York's economic output. Over 170,000 people work here and there are amazingly over 17,000 hotel rooms in the area.

"There is more to the Theater District than just theaters and landmarks and Times Square"

In the Theater District there are several important landmarks, including the historic Carnegie Hall and the 100-year-old Hudson Theater. Carnegie Hall is a world-famous 19th century building and the closest thing America has to a great European hall. It is the number one venue for famous musicians and symphony orchestras.

There is more to the Theater District than just theaters and landmarks and Times Square. Beyond the core entertainment area there are renewed neighborhoods. Local residents think that visitors spend all of their time in non-residential areas, and don't see the "real New York" in neighborhoods like the ones just a few blocks from Times Square.

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